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13th December 2018 

Useful links

Here are some websites which you may find useful.

All in the mind
You might already be familiar with this BBC Radio 4 programme. Their professional coverage is often thought-provoking and inspiring. Have a look at their iplayer.

The British association for counselling and psychotherapy was first found by a group of counsellors. It is a charity which supports the role and relevance of counselling profession in order to promote psychological wellbeing of general public.

Counselling directory
Please have a look at my own listing on this online directory.

College of sexual and relationship therapists is one of the specialised colleges which is organised under UKCP. This page describes the broad nature of sexual 'normality' which I hope will ease your concern. I am a psychosexual and relatiohship therapist accredited by COSRT.

The NHS put together a starter's guide for this simple exercise. It is a tradition which originally comes from Asia and Far East and offers useful basis which can facilitate psychotherapeutic work.

Neurobiology and psychotherapy
The disciplines of neurobiology and psychotherapy are rapidly converging. This book by S Gerhardt offers an easy read, suggesting the importance of caring relationship which forms our brain. For people who welcome a more challenging neurobiological literature, books by A Shore as well as by L Cozolino are some alternatives which attempt to describe the formation of interactive brain.

Royal college of psychiatrists
This website offers expertise description on various psychological difficulties and treatment options. It also offers information in various languages under the drop-down menu Translation. Their page gives the overview of psychological difficulties which psychiatrists treat.

The UK council for psychotherapy is a leading UK professional body for the education, training and accreditation of psychotherapists and therapeutic counsellors. It is a charity which promotes the value of psychotherapy in society. As a registrant, I have my profile on their website.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact.