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20th October 2017 
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Ealing W5 Psychotherapy & Counselling, West London Also close to Brentford & Wembley

What I offer

    I am a psychotherapist and counsellor, offering support to individuals and couples through psychotherapy and counselling. At my private practice in Ealing, I create safe and confidential space and time which you can use to explore what exactly is causing you anxiety, how your depression is spoiling the enjoyment of life or what is jeopardising your relationship.

    I have been offering psychotherapy and counselling to help people with various difficulties including anxiety, bereavement, depression, eating disorders, obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours, psychosexual difficulties, relationship issues and low self-esteem. For details on psychosexual difficulties which I can work with, please go to the bottom of FAQ page.

    People who come to my Ealing private practice all now what concrete current situations are triggering their anxiety, depression or stress. The examples of triggering circumstances could be worsening secret habits which they feel ashamed of, escalating disagreements with partners, dissatisfying sexual intimacy and/or performance, breakup of a significant relationship, a number of painful rejections in dating, difficult family members, losing significant others without due closure or challenging work environment. Most of these people have tried to stop the events from happening or to change the situation without success. If you face something similar and live in West London close to Ealing, Brentford or Wembley, do get in touch.

How talking therapy works

    Psychotherapy and counselling is beneficial by way of cultivating and deepening self-awareness; it offers you opportunities to penetrate the observable anxiety, depression, stress, relationship issues and other problems. People have psychological coping strategies, often created early in life to adjust to the surroundings. These adjustments, still operating in the present but submerged, appear to be affecting their current behaviours and feelings.

    Experience of offering psychotherapy and counselling over the past twelve years has shown me that psychotherapy can be life-changing. Clients acquire new ways of understanding themselves, including their behaviours and feelings. They start to use this new knowledge to the effect that they resolve interpersonal issues and feel more robust, stable and playful.

Which? Counselling or psychotherapy?

    It is generally understood that counselling takes a time-limited format and is appropriate to deal with difficulties caused by a few one-off recent events. Most counselling charities offer this type of service to make the just and fair use of public funds and charitable donations. On the other hand psychotherapy is more suitable for issues which have been going on for a while. It usually starts with an open-ended format; this offers potentials for wide and deep work. If done thoroughly, it is often unlikely that you will revert to your initial state.

A quick introduction - me and my practice

    I am a psychotherapist registered with the UKCP (UK Council for psychotherapy) and a psychosexual and relationship therapist accredited by COSRT (College of sexual and relationship therapists). Away from my Ealing private practice I work as a psychosexual counsellor at the sexual clinic within King’s College Hospital, offering psychosexual counselling with clear boundaries.

    I recently provided a council to a film director and script writer who is going to make a film based on a novel on Bulimia Nervosa.

    In the past I worked as a counsellor and a psychotherapist at various counselling charities in West London and Scotland and at a private group practice in the City. For details of my qualifications and experience, please go to this page.

    My Ealing practice is less than ten minutes walk from Ealing Broadway, Ealing Common and North Ealing stations. There is one parking space which you can use for free. I am available to see you Monday to Friday during the day and Monday to Thursday in the evening. I organise my diary for psychotherapy and counselling with 167-hour cancellation notice policy. For details on practicalities, please go the FAQ page.

Before you start

    I am aware that many clients reflect for a while on whether to start seeing a psychotherapist or not. During this period, people seem to be constantly pulled back by a strange sense of being able to 'control' and 'manage' things due to sheer familiarity with how things have been, albeit painful or shameful. Coming to see me certainly requires a decision to take a tentative leap into the unknown. If you think that this unknown could be better than your current chronic known, psychotherapy can probably offer something valuable.

To book your first session or to clarify any further queries, please feel free to call my mobile at 07879 811 395 without obligation. Alternatively please email me by using this page. I will get back to you as soon as I can.